Leadership Summit Day 1

Central is again hosting Willow Creek’s Global Leadership Summit, and here are some of my takeaways from the first day. (Note that most of these aren’t exact quotes, but are my best attempt at capturing what they are saying as they say it). Global Leadership Summit - Willow Creek 2010 Bill Hybels
  • “The first play is not to describe how good ‘there’ is, but to describe how bad ‘here’ is.”
  • “4 C’s of staff selection: character, competency, chemistry, and culture.”
Jim Collins
  • “If you don’t have the right people in key leadership positions then resist growth until you do.”
  • “Greatness does not come from one big push, but instead push after push on the flywheel.”
Tony Dungy
  • “Stubbornness is a virtue when you’re right.”
  • “Don’t mistake hours for productivity.”
Andy Stanley
  • “Every organization has problems that shouldn’t be solved and tensions that shouldn’t be resolved.”
  • “You ‘cut off your thumb’ by solving the wrong problems.”
  • “Progress depends not on the resolution of those tensions but on the successful management of those tensions.”
  • “As a leader, one of the most valuable things you can do for your organization is to differentiate between tensions your organization will always need to manage vs. problems that need to be solved.”

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