My son Gavin is 4 months old today. His latest development is that he is now able to recognize Michelle and I. When he does, he gets a giant smile across his face, his nose scrunches, and he lets out his current version of a laugh. It is just about the greatest thing in the world. There is so much power in it. When he does it, I know that he is acknowledging that he trusts me, that he’s comfortable around me, and that he likes me. There isn’t much that can compete with the feeling that we get every time he recognizes us and responds.
And it’s got me thinking about two questions along these lines of recognition:
  1. Does the world recognize those of us that call ourselves Christian without us having to tell them? I mean, do they feel we are Christian because of the way we love them? Do they sense the Holy Spirit in our life and realize something is different? Do they trust us? Or do they only know what we believe because we verbally tell them? I hope people can recognize Christ in my life before I tell them.
  2. Does God recognize those of us that call ourselves Christian? I’m reminded of Matthew 7:21-24. Do we try and convince God through our words or actions that we are His follower or do we live in such a way that our dependence on Him is proof of it? Have we turned God or the Bible into a tool for us to advance our own intellect and egos or do we humbly submit to Him in every area? Are we actually following Him or expecting Him to keep up with us? Does God trust us? I hope God can recognize me as His follower without me trying to convince Him.

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Jeremy Jernigan

Speaker | Author | Founder of Communion Wine Co.